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Bulk Terminal No. 1

This dry bulk terminal, owned and operated by the Port of Lake Charles, is located on 71 acres at Rose Bluff Cutoff on the Calcasieu Ship Channel, located 32 miles inland from the Gulf of Mexico.

The bulk terminal has a 2,200-foot-long wharf and a 40-foot projected depth at dockside. The facility can accommodate two vessels for loading simultaneously.

Two traveling ship loaders and two traveling clam-bucket unloaders, when working simultaneously, can load at a rate of 5,200 short tons per hour of petroleum coke (one at 2,000 thp and one at 3,200 tph).

The ship/barge clam-bucket type unloader and conveyor system is located at the site and traverses 740 feet of dock with an average unloading rate of 300 short tons each of barite per hour.

The site is capable of transfer from vessel to vessel, vessel to truck, or to open storage.

The terminal processes more than 3.1 million short tons of dry bulk material annually such as petroleum coke, calcined coke, barite, rutile, and other dry bulk commodities.

Other equipment includes: 100-ton railcar rollover facility capable of handling 1,200 tons per hour, three separate railcar shakers, a hydraulic truck dump, a rail unloading pit, radial stacker and an adjacent truck scale.